3, 000 unionists to protest over Governments austerity package

Around 3,000 unionists will stage a protest in front of the Parliament, when the Government will assume liability for the austerity package, and another 20,000 public sector workers will take part in a rally in Bucharest on June 15, said the chairman of CNSLR Fratia trade union, Marius Petcu.
“On Monday, we will begin protests in Bucharest. We have organized a demonstration on Tuesday and Wednesday in front of the Parliament that will gather around 1,500 and 1,200 public sector workers. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday we will start picketing at the parliament offices and headquarters of political parties, and on June 15, some 20,000 unionists will take part in a protest rally,” said Marius Petcu.

Also, the chairman of Cartel Alfa trade union, Bogdan Hossu, said public sector workers will begin a one-day strike when the Government will wait for the vote of confidence in the Parliament.

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