Government passes five amendments. No pension drops below 350 lei

Pension and public wage cut will be applied since the entry into force of the Law for which the Government will assume liability. Under the provisions of the amendments passed by the Government, no pension will drop below 350 lei, after the enforcement of the 15% cut and the public sector wages will be slashed by 25%.
51 amendments have been put forward by the members of the Parliament to the Law that will provide the legal framework for the implementation of the austerity package, four of which have been passed by the Government in the Monday session.

One of the amendments states very clearly that no pension will drop below 350 lei (e.n: minimum pension benefit) after the 15% cut. “If an individual has a pension of 370 lei, and after the application of 15% cut it would drop below 350 lei, under no circumstances will the pension be lowered to a value below 350 lei. The provision is stated in the Law”, said the Prime Minister Emil Boc.

A second amendment passed by the Government provides that the reduction in public wages and pensions will be applied since the date of entry into force of the Law, and not from June “considering that the procedure of assuming the liability in the Parliament started in May, and will complete in June”.

The Government has introduced another amendment that provides that salaries of employees at the members of the parliament’s cabinet shall be cut by 25% and the fourth amendment stipulates that members of the Medical Science Academy will be cut by the same percentage.

As of 16:00 EET, the Government headed by PM Emil Boc will assume liability on the austerity package in the Parliament. PSD said it would put before the Parliament two motions of non-confidence. In order to bring down the Government, the opposition still needs 19 votes from the members of the Parliament from the ruling party.

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