HR specialists: The decline in unemployment rate is temporary

Although the unemployment rate decreased in May, for the second month in a row, to 7.67% from 8.07% in April, human resources specialists say this can be attributed to the increase in seasonal job openings and the removal of jobless persons from labor office records a year ago.
In April, unemployment rate dropped 0.3% month-on-month, and the decline in number of jobless can be linked directly to a possible economic recovery. Silviu Bian, chairman of the National Labor Agency (ANOFM) expects the unemployment rate to drop further due to the increase in seasonal job openings. “Furthermore, we have information suggesting some companies in the private sector have started recruiting again or call laid-off employees back to work”, said Bian.

Florian Ochiana, HR Operations Manager with Lugera & Makler that recorded a turnover of €21.5 million in 2009, sees the unemployment rate drop as short-lived. “Basically, it’s about a combination of two factors – in certain counties, temporary labor demand has risen, which removed a number of unemployed from the official records and a part of them are no longer taken into account in the statistics, because they no longer receive jobless benefits”, said Ochiana.

As for the possibility of a further decrease in jobless rate, Oana Datki, general manager of Consulteam, the representative of Mercer giant in Romania said that only if the Government failed to pass public wage cut in the public sector, numbers would remain the same.

In April and May, the number of jobless dropped by around 76,500, to 701,854. The biggest rates were observed in Vaslui (14.10%), Mehedinti (12.99%), Teleorman (12.37%), Dolj (11.67%), Ialomita (11.35%), Alba (11.33%) and Gorj (11.21%).

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