Midday Forex: Euro retreats vs Leu

The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.2200 lei/euro, down 0.26% from yesterday’s six-month high.

On Tuesday, the central bank set a reference rate of 4.2311 lei/euro.

The leu had a string start, and grew from 4.22 to 4.2145 leio/euro, but weakened afterwards from 4.2260.

In the region, the Polish zloty fell from 4.1360 to 4.1110 units/euro, while the Hungarian forint dropped from 283.90 to 281 units/euro and returned to morning level of 283 units against euro.

Versus the US dollar, the National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 3.5274 units/dollar, down 0.63% from yesterday’s record high of 3.5496 lei/dollar.

In the monetary market, short-term interests increased slightly, but remained within the monetary policy interest range of 6.25% a year.

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