Italy, willing to invest in Romanian communications sector

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Gabriel Sandu said at the ceremony occasioned by the conclusion of the Memorandum of Understanding that Italian partners were willing to invest in Romania.

“Practically, Italy representatives came here with a range of services, including financing. Italy will provide technical assistance throughout the entire process, from financing to implementation”, said Sandu.

The agreement was concluded between the Romanian Government, represented by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Gabriel Sandu and the Italian Government represented by the vice minister of economy, Paolo Romani.

The agreement will foster enhanced bilateral relations between Romania and Italy, by developing technical training services, advisory and assistance in communications and information society.

“With the memorandum, I plan on bringing the specialists of Italian Post in Romania so as to help the Romanian Post turn into partially-banking entity”. According to the minister, this would be the primary goal of the memorandum.

The second objective of the Ministry is to establish ultra-efficient development centers, in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Bacau, which would cost around €50 million. The switch of the Post Office into a hybrid entity is the third objective of the Ministry as agreed in the memorandum.

“Italy has already implemented Romania’s current objectives in terms of logistics, financial services and strategy in its own system”.

The digitization process is estimated at €40-100 million, depending on the full coverage.

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