Top most trustworthy jobs in Romania

Firefighters enjoy the highest levels of trust in Romania and internationally – 91% and 94% respectively, according to a GfK survey on the extent to which citizens trust various professional groups and organizations.

However, this category has suffered 8% deterioration in their reputation. Postal workers (89%) and military (88%) rank second, followed by teachers and clergy (86%).

At the opposite front are politicians with merely 11% level of confidence among Romanians, down 3% from two years ago, bankers with 28% (-8% from two years ago) and managers (39%).

If the first two categories suffered deterioration in their reputation, in case of managers, confidence level is pretty fluctuating (a decline from 46% in 2008, but considerable increase from 33% last year). Other professions that enjoyed an increase in reputation from 2009 are lawyers (42% from 35% last year), military (88% from 82% last year), and advertising specialists (50% versus 46%).

Compared with other countries, the situation is very different in Romania. Internationally, the reputation of military, postal workers and teachers is pretty low: 81%, 82% and 83% respectively.

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