“With the Master Cellulem Block franchise, we will bring a solid opportunity to the Romanian market – with a minimum investment of €20,000, a potential investor could recoup his investment in up to a year, or a year and a half. The offer for franchise is flexible and easy to split into three different modules: CB Hair Removal, CB Cellulite and CB Premium”, Robert Luke (photo), managing director of GED said.

He added that the business model is flexible, and depending on the size of the clinic, the investment can vary between €20,000 and €70,000. “The main objective of GED is the expansion of the franchise network across the country by the end of 2011”, representatives of the fund said.

Established in 1993 in Malaga, Cellulem Block is a clear landmark in beauty and personal care franchise market with over 180 centers distributed across Spain and Portugal, Cellulem Block also has a presence in countries such as the Italy, France, Morocco, Andora, and now Romania.

GED is one of the leading venture capital management companies in the Iberian Peninsula and southeast Europe which operate in the mid size market. The Group manages funds worth over €350 million through a range of channels: GED Sur, GED Iberian Fund I and GED Eastern Fund II and GED Real Estate. GED engages in buy-outs and expansion operations, whereby GED puts up the funds, experience and an extensive network of national and international contacts.

The first GED fund in the region recorded positive results, multiplying investments at 2.5% rate and achieving gross profit margin of 25% in USD. The second fund in the region, GED Eastern Fund II with resources of €150 million, has invested in eight companies: Rosegur, RED Projects, Fonomat, Fama, Happy Tour, Diamedix, Total Euro Business and Infopress.