The Minister of Transportation, Radu Berceanu said that as far as he was concerned, Romania didn’t need a new agreement with the International Monetary Fund, but to focus on the implementation of the existent one.
Asked whether a new loan from the fund was necessary, minister Berceanu said “I don’t think so, I think that we need to find a way to implement the existent one and then take this into account”. Berceanu said he didn’t know that the option has been considered by the Governmen so far. “I don’t know whether it was a talk, or just an idea”, Berceanu added.

On the other hand, the Minister of Economy Adriean Videanu said it had hard to predict the extent of recession in January 2009, since the global context imposed a re-evaluation of initial forecasts. “It depends on the level of awareness. As you’ve seen, the global forecasts changed month-on-month”, said Adriean Videanu, before the beginning of the Permanent National Bureau meeting.

However, Vasile Blaga said he agreed with the idea of taking a new loan from the International Monetary Fund. “An agreement with the IMF involves a new loan, of course. We haven’t talked this issue in the Government, since the Parliament still disagrees with the idea. I am convinced that the Ministry of Public Finance and the National Bank of Romania have considered the option. I think so”, said Vasile Blaga.

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