The utilities market has a significant growth potential, as it is estimated at €5.8 billion.

ZebraPay estimates the daily payment volume will average €100 by the end of the year. As for the performance of instant payment machines, ZebraPay officials say the average payment volume will average €150 per machine in three years.

“We plan on maintaining the development trend of the business compared with the market , by installing new terminals”, said Radu Ciorbea (photo). Thus, by the end of the year, ZebraPay network will comprise over 1,000 terminals so as to reach to 7,800 within five years.

The new technology will provide a easier and faster way to recharge prepaid cards and pay utilities bills. “Prepaid cards recharge will account for 80% of total payment volume and payment of utilities bills, tickets and other products will account for 20%”, said Ciorbea.

The company expects the most important source of revenues will be terminals in busy traffic areas, such as those installed in metro stations, shopping centers nor universities.