“The backbreaking burden for the average Romanian politician used “to give” and to “promise”, “dream that only positive shocks are positive”, “assume responsibility for cleanliness of his household”, “to capitalize only the dissatisfaction of voters” instead of building something. Now it’s the moment of a construction based on vision, strategy and firm and decisive actions”, said Andreea Vas on her blog.

“If I’m a bit pessimistic in achieving the first objective, the political and economical refinement, but as for the second one, I think we have the chance to fix public policy mistakes and correct the public overspending we’ve seen in the past years, without raising taxes”.

However, one question remains: why are the austerity measures more drastic in Romania than in any other European country? “Because there is no other country in Europe where institutional reforms are so much delayed, except for Bulgaria probably”, said Andreea Vass.