GE Energy: Renewable energy law would stimulate biogas production

The enforcement of renewable energy law would stimulate investments in biogas production, a less known renewable energy source that will in turn encourage development of agricultural sector, said the GE Energy country executive Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.
There is a large potential to utilize biogas in Romania, a less known renewable energy source. We hope that the enforcement of Law 220 will foster the development of biogas technologies and hence of the agricultural sector in Romania. Animal farms and greenhouses could be fed with electricity and thermal power resulted from the combustion of biogas that originates from the digestion of agricultural and animal waste”, said the GE Energy country executive Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.

Deputies sent for approval to the Presidential administration the amendments to Law 220/2008 on the stability of the promotion system for the renewable energy. The law was adopted in 2008, but hasn’t taken effect because there are no application norms. Under the provisions, energy producers that use biogas would receive three green tags for every 1MWh they produce.

The representative of GE Energy said the sector with urgent need of investments is power production segment.

“The average lifespan of power plants in southeast Europe is 32 years and the average efficiency is 30% despite the fact that there are the technologies that assure 60% efficiency which would bring about a double fuel saving. The current capacities must be replaced with other capacities with limited ecological footprint that can provide an increased flexibility in meeting system management needs”, Carmen Neagu added.

GE Energy is one of the world’s largest energy supplier and equipment manufacturer and is part of General Electric group.

The company employs 82,000 globally, it recorded revenues of $37 billion in 2009, and is present in 140 countries.

GE Energy also includes GE Power & Water, GE Energy Services and GE Oil & Gas. GE Energy operates in almost all energy industry sectors, including coal, oil and natural gas and nuclear energy, renewable resources (water, wind, solar and biogas) and other types of biofuel.

GE Energy’s major projects in Romania are: the construction of an 860MW power plant in Brazi, for Petrom in a joint venture with Metka group (based in Greece), the delivery of wind turbines for CEZ’s wind farm project in Fantanele, the delivery of four GE Jenbacher gas engines (two of which being the most powerful gas engines – type 6) to power supplier Vest Energo as well as two 706MW GE turbogenerators for the nuclear power plant in Cernavoda.

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