Jan-Apr FDI drops 37%

Foreign direct investments in Romania narrowed 36.8% in the fourth-month period into 2010 from the same period of last year to €1.135 billion, the current account deficit being 55.1% covered by non-residents’ direct investment in Romania.
In January-April 2009 period, foreign direct investments in Romania totaled €1.796 billion. First quarter 2010 FDI stood at €754 million, which means Romania has attracted €381 million investments in April.

The National Bank of Romania said four-month foreign direct investments largely consisted of equity stakes (86%) of €975 million while intra-group loans totaled €160 million.

In the same period of 2009, intra-group loans accounted for 60.6% of total FDI inflow, namely €1.088 billion, while equity stakes, including reinvested profit, for 39.4% or €708 million.

Romania’s balance-of-payments current account deficit stood at €2.06 billion in the first four months, due largely to the year-on-year decline in current transfer surplus that failed to cover trade and revenue deficit.

In 2009, foreign direct investments in Romania narrowed 48.4% from 2008 to €4.899 billion and covered 96.9% of current account deficit.

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