The local insurance market has many management changes lately.
Dorin Boboc (photo) said he would step down from his role as investment director of Allianz Tiriac Private Pensions to focus on family business. The announcement came two days after Besim Jawad, chief executive of Eureko Pensions had resigned.

Dorin Boboc’s term will end this month and will be succeeded by Iulius Postolache, former investments director at Aviva Pensii.

“It is a strictly personal decision. To me it is a great opportunity to take over and carry on my father’s business that was founded in 1992”, Dorin Boboc told Wall-Street.

Dorin Boboc (37) was responsible for the investments of 1.3 million customers and managed assets of over 700 million lei in the Pillar II system and of 60 million lei in the third pillar.

According to, the former investment director of BCR Pensions, Iulian Trifu left his post in the trading department of an Austrian bank, being succeeded by Stefania-Laura Badea, former investment manager at ING Investment Management.

Recently, the appointment of Marius Popescu as chief executive of the largest pension fund ING Pensions, received the green light from the Private Pension Supervisory Commission. Mihai Popescu replaced Emilia Bunea who was promoted to regional role at ING.

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