The leu hasn’t been that weak since December 16, 2009 when the central bank set an intraday rate of 4.2459 lei/euro. On Thursday, NBR set a reference rate of 4.2372 lei/euro.

The leu opened slightly higher this morning, increasing from 4.2370 to 4.2350 leio/euro, but turned weaker at noon when it slumped to 4.2480 units versus its European peer.

In the region, currencies followed a similar downward path. The Polish zloty traded between 4.0675 and 4.0840 units per euro, while the Hungarian forint grew from 279.80 to 279.25 units/euro in the early trades but wiped out gains at noon when it dropped to 281.15 units/euro.

Versus the greenback, the National Bank of Romanian set a reference rate of 3.4299 lei/dollar, up 0.30% from yesterday level of 3.4196 lei/dollar.