However, around 37% respondents are not at all interested in these fields, while at the European level, the average is 20%.

Around 43% of Romanians are moderately interested in technology and science versus 49% in EU.

58% of Romanians believe they are little informed about science, the EU27 average standing at 38%.

31% of Romanians say they receive only partial information they want about technology and science, while only 11% say they are very well informed about the two fields.

In Europe, the average is 50% (those who say they are partially informed) and 11% (those who think they are very informed).

The survey found that 27% Romanians believe it is not important to know about science in their daily lives, while the European average is 33%.

Eurobarometer survey was carried in 32 European countries ( EU Member States, and Iceland, Croatia, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey), through direct interviews with 21,243 persons between January 29 and February 25, 2010.