SIFs finish down 2.53%

Stocks at the Bucharest Stock Exchange finished down today, in a major selloff that saw investors deserting their holdings.
The total trade value at the Bucharest Stock Exchange narrowed to 22.93 million lei (€5.42 million).

BET index
of the ten most actively traded stocks at BSE dropped 1.34% to 5,175.10 points, while composite BET-C gave up 1.47% to 3,041.72 points.

benchmark of the five financial investment companies finished down 2.53% to 22,980.51 points, while Vienna’s ROTX closed 2.02% lower to 10,421.02 points.

BET-XT index of the 25 most traded stocks fell 1.86% to 479.91 points, while BET-NG gauge of ten energy stocks shed 0.80% to 733.95 points.

attracted the biggest trade value, of 6.91 million lei, while stock prices decreased by 3.28% to 11.8 lei. Banca Transilvania (BSE:TLV) fell 1.92% to 1.53 lei and attracted a total trade value of 1.36 million lei.

SIF Oltenia (BSE:SIF5)
dropped 1.44% to 1.37 lei while SIF Moldova (BSE:SIF2) gave up 2.75% to 1.06 lei.

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