Ben Stiller’s attendance at Cannes Lions advertising festival has drawn advertisers from all over the French Riviera. The Palais des Festivals auditorium that hosts the seminars was so cramped, that organizers had to open two other rooms. After making jokes on advertisers (“I’ve always wanted to get to Cannes film festival) and on Yahoo (“I didn’t know what was with all those purple stuff in my room”), Stiller announced the project with Yahoo: a series of videos featuring Ben Stiller’s parents.

Mr and Mrs Stiller are more than 80 of age, who were also comedians, and they will be in a series of five-minute videos discussing news headlines. The format of the show is suitable for the online environment, Ben Stiller said, and the theme of the episodes will allow internet users interact with the project easier.

The actor recognizes that he is still trying to understand how internet interacts with entertainment. His film and TV company Red Hour Films has a digital entertainment division. However, Ben Stiller says digital makes things more complicated when it comes to entertainment.

But internet can be an option for young movie producers with low budgets.

Still has a sequel to Zoolander lined up, for which he will produce short online formats and ad videos for the namesake game. The actor is personally involved in the development of the projects of its film company.