According to the National Authority for Communications Administration and Regulation, carriers will suspend roaming services for users who hadn't specified they wanted to continue roaming.

These measures are in line with the European directives in the communications sector.

Therefore, as of July 1, carriers will provide to roaming users who didn’t select any of the pricing plans before that date the following options: a pricing plan capped at €50/month or a traffic data volume capped at €5/month. Users will be able to switch plans or eliminate it.

“After the enactment of the European roaming regulations, carriers will have to observe a set of additional regulations in order to protect users’ interests. Therefore, operators will have to ensure European users who use roaming services in European Union, the option of suspending access to these services when a certain price limit or volume limit has been reached”, ANCOM said in a press release.

The chairman of the Authority, Catalin Marinescu said that imposing charge restrictions for roaming services ensures a greater transparency and a better protection for the users by minimizing risks of uncontrolled and automatic data connection and download while roaming.