The total trade value at the equity market dropped to 20.23 million lei (€4.79 million).

“Fundamentally, the situation remains complicated. We might see some positive sessions but the trend will remain bearish. Investors are in the wait-and-see mode regarding the global markets where things have calmed down lately but worries on the global economy persist”, said Andrei Radulescu (photo), analyst at Target Capital.

BET index of the ten most actively traded stocks at BSE grew 0.34% to 5,192.51 points, while composite BET-C inched up 0.37% to 3,052.99 points.

BET-FI average of the five financial investment companies gave up 0.25% to 22,923.64 points, while Vienna’s ROTX gained 0.49% to 10,472.04 points.

BET-XT gauge of 25 most traded stocks closed up 0.06% to 480.18 points, while BET-NG index of ten energy companies moved 0.64% higher to 738.65 points.

BRD SocGen attracted the biggest trade value today, namely 4.05 million lei, while stock prices rose 1.69% to 12 lei. Banca Transilvania (BSE:TLV) shed 1.69% to 1.5 lei, and recorded a total trade value of 1.97 million lei.

SIF Oltenia (BSE:SIF5) closed flat at 1.37 lei, while SIF Moldova (BSE:SIF2) dropped 0.94% to 1.05 lei.

In the energy sector OMV Petrom (BSE:SNP) increased by 1.27% to 0.32 lei, while Transgaz (BSE:TGN) gained 1.43% to 243 lei.