The survey carried in June 2010, managers in the manufacturing predict a relative stability in production output (balance of opinion +2%).

As for the employment outlook, Romanian managers anticipate a moderate increase in jobless rate, with a -14% balance of opinion industry-wide and -16% in large enterprises with more than 500 employees.

The survey also points to a further decline in steel industry, coke works, crude products and in chemical products (balance of opinions -54%, -50% and -38% respectively).

For industrial products prices, respondents anticipate a relative stability fort he following three months (balance of opinions +4%).

According to June estimates, construction production output is expected to stabilize in the following three months (balance of opinions -3%) and contract stocks and order to shrink (balance of opinion -11%).

Managers also predict a modest drop in headcount (balance of opinion -12%), and a relative stability in construction prices.

Managers in the retail trade industry estimated in June 2010 a moderate drop in economic activity for the coming three months (balance of opinion -10%). Sales are also expected to suffer a mild drop (balance of opinion -9%), as well as orders to suppliers (balance of opinion -11%).

As for market employment, managers predict a slight drop in headcount (balance of opinion -10%).