The biggest declines were observed in the following regions Bucharest-Ilfov (-758 permits), South-Muntenia (-741 permits), South-East (-640 permits), and North-West (-616 permits).

According to data from INS, 3971 building permits were issued in May 2010, down 11.3% from the year-ago period.

The biggest decreases were observed in the regions: Bucharest-Ilfov (-230 permits), North-West (-169 permits) and Center (-84 permits), while increases were observed in South-West Oltenia (47 permits) and West (27 permits).

Compared to the previous month, the number of home-building approvals rose in May by 7.7%. Broken down by regions, the number of permits issued by municipalities increased country-wide.

The biggest increases were observed in North-East (+153 permits), South-East (+67 permits), Bucharest-Ilfov (+50 permits) and South-Muntenia (+46 permits). Declines were observed in Center (75 permits) and North-West (35 permits).