This is the first transaction of MedLife, after Societe Generale Asset Management’s Eastern Europe Fund took over 36.25% in the clinic chain.

According to MedLife, Diagnostic Rapid polyclinic recorded a turnover of €3 million and employs around 300 medical staff.

“Despite the country’s recent economic developments, we have decided with our shareholders to support new investment and development projects. As a result, we have analyzed the healthcare market and chose the first provider with a healthy business and a major growth potential”, said Mihail Marcu (photo), chairman of the board.

Marcu added that MedLife will launch a new clinic in Brasov by the end of the year, which will include an imaging center and a surgery hospital.

The healthcare company in Brasov will now operate under MedLife – PDR brand.

In the second half this year, MedLife said it plans to open two more clinics in Bucharest, expand the Life Memorial hospital and develop a specialized hospital in Cluj.