National dividend distribution system to go into operation

The national dividend distribution system launched by the Central Depository this year, has become operational today, after a company requested dividend payout to be made under the program, the institution said.
S.C. Remat S.A. Ialomita has requested the distribution of dividends for 2008 profit to its shareholders. The distribution period is July 12, 2010 – December 15, 2010, the shareholders following to receive the dividends in cash at the Romanian Post Office units. The value of the dividend is 0.43 lei.

“It is very important, both for us, as an institution and for our existent and future clients, the fact that this service, offered by Central Depository, becomes operational. We are convinced that in the future, other companies, listed or not at the Bucharest Stock Exchange will use the system for dividend distribution, thus choosing the optimal solution in terms of costs and efficiency,” said Adriana Tanasoiu, chief executive of the Central Depository.

The national dividend distribution system was launched in the second half of March.

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