Midday Forex: Leu remains weak against euro

The National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 4.2580 lei/euro, 0.26% higher than Monday, as the national currency moved sharply lower in the morning.
The reference rate rose on July 12 to 4.2471 lei/euro, 0.23% up from the previous day.

The national currency fell sharply in the early trades, from 4.2470 to more than 4.26, but traded near 4.2560 and 4.2580 lei/euro afterwards.

Versus the US dollar, the reference rate set by NBR increased by 0.12% to 3.3845 lei/US dollar. On June 29, NBR set an all-time high of 3.5697 lei/dollar rate.

In the region, the Polish zloty traded between 4.0660 units/euro and 4.0820 units/euro, while the Hungarian forint between 277.80 and 279 forints/euro.

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