Razvan Sin (photo) joined DTZ Echinox early 2007 and worked with customers such as Atrium Centers, Plaza Centers, BelRom or Argo Capital Property.

He graduated from the International Affairs Faculty at the Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca and worked two years in New Hampshire, USA, in franchise management, and other two years heading the marketing division of a FMCG company.

DTZ Echinox is one of the largest companies in the local real estate consulting market. The shareholders of the company are Mihnea Serbanescu (66.1%), Tim Wilkinson (17.25%), Cristian Ustinescu (6.66%) and Oana Iliescu, Mihaela Pana and Bogdan Sergentu with 3.33% stake each, according to data from the Trade Registry.