Groupama Insurances, member of France-based Groupama, will pay some 1.98 million lei to cover the losses caused by the floods that battered the northern region of the country, the company said.
“Given the emergency situation caused by the recent flooding, Groupama Insurance board has decided to settle the insurance claims as soon as possible”, the insurer said in a press release.

So far, around 234 insurance claim files were submitted to the company.

“The regions affected by the flooding are very important for Groupama Insurances, as there is a significant number of insured persons facing extreme weather conditions. This is why, in an effort to settle the claims as soon as possible, we decided to establish the Emergency Committee that will be responsible for claim settlement”, said Denis Rousset (photo), chief executive of Groupama.

Groupama Insurances resulted from the merger between Asiban and BT Insurances Transilvania and from the integration of OTP Garancia sales structure. The insurer has a network of 300 outlets and work points.

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