1.What gadgets in your pocket, at hand?

My personal phone, LG Arena.

2. What was the first gadget you had?

I received my first gadget as a gift when I was 10, and I was extremely proud of it. It was a portable mini radio with FM and AM bands.

3. What was the last tech product you bought?

Recently, I bought a Blu-Ray Full HD where I can watch HD movies. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience!

4. The most unpleasant gadget-related incident

4. The most unpleasant gadget-related incidentI think the urgent need to have access to e-mail or the low internet connection speed can be fairly identified with a disaster, especially when you have to make important decisions on a tight time limit.

5. How much would you be willing to pay for a cell phone?

1,800 lei

6. What features would your ideal phone have?

Extended memory and user-friendly Internet and e-mail features. I use my cell phone regularly for making calls and checking e-mail.

7. What was the first cell phone youve used?

A Motorola StarTac.

8. What mobile phone brand do you prefer?

Under LG, cutting-edge mobile phones rolled out the production line that meet the needs of each mobile-phone user category. LG has become one of the most popular brands, at least in the mobile phone sector. And this is why LG is a brand that I admire for what it has achieved so far in this market.

9. The most useless gadget you found on sale?

A Wireless Floating Speaker.

10. If money were no object, what gadget would you buy?

10. If money were no object, what gadget would you buy?For the time being, I don’t ‘crave’ anything in particular.

11. What type of websites do you access regularly? What is your favorite website?

I usually go into news websites, but I it would be inappropriate to say I have a favorite one.

12. What was the latest acquisition made online?

The book “The World’s Automobiles”.

13. What is internet to you?

13. What is internet to you?It’s a work tool I use every day.

14. How would a day in your life without internet look like?

I would finally have a moment of silence, but I might hit a few snags in the road in fulfilling some tasks.

15. What do you find attractive in a notebook: its performance or its mobility?

I think both are essential.

16. Your favorite mean of communication

Face to face meetings, at least at a certain time interval.