Romanian companies demand more tax breaks for green investment, survey finds

85% of Romanian companies said that government tax breaks are required to accelerate green investment, such as low-carbon equipment, a survey by workspace solutions provider Regus found.
The survey revealed that 85% of Romanian companies surveyed said they would invest in eco-friendly technologies, if the government provided tax breaks.

Around 40% of the companies surveyed actually measure their emissions and around 13% have commissioned a third accredited party to measure energy consumption. Only 13% of the surveyed measure the carbon footprint left by their activities and 34% invested in low-carbon equipment.

Also, 53% of Romanian companies said they would invest in low-carbon equipment if the running costs were the same or lower than those of conventional equipment.

The survey found that 75% of companies worldwide said government tax breaks were required to accelerate green investment take up. 46% of companies globally declare that they will only invest in low-carbon equipment if the running costs are the same or lower than those of conventional equipment. A disappointing 40% have invested in low-carbon equipment and only 38% have a company policy to do so.

“Globally, small companies are below average on their actual and predicted level of green investment, indicating that smaller businesses are harder pressed to select low-carbon equipment when this comes at marginally higher price, as short-term needs are more urgent than long-term investment”, said Regus.

The survey also found that 43% of companies in the IT&C sector measure their carbon foot print, a sector that produce the same amount of emissions globally as the airline industry.

53% of companies in this sector had invested in green technology and 57% had a policy to do so. By contrast only 25% of companies in the consultancy sector monitor their carbon foot print, but 71% declared that the majority of their equipment was energy efficient.

In Romania, Regus has three offices in Bucharest, in Floreasca Business Park, City Center and World Trade Center, the company being present in the market since 1999. Globally, Regus has over 1,000 locations in 450 cities and 80 countries, and has clients including Google, GlaxoSmithKline and Nokia

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