The print media accounted for the biggest share of car brands’ overall media presence – 60%, beating the other two traditional channels, TV and radio.

Dacia took the first spot with 11% of total mentions.

Dacia (10,9%), Renault (8,3%), Ford (6,7%), Volkswagen (6,3%), BMW (4,8%), Mercedes (4,7%), Audi (4,4%), Opel (4%), Toyota (3,8%), Ferrari (3,6%), took a collective 57.5% of total mentions, and the remaining 47.3% are shared by other 34 car brands.

Broken down by media channels, print generates the highest number of mentions. Compared to radio and TV, the print accounts for 60-89% of total mentions. The biggest share is recorded by Audi – 89% of mentions in the print medium.

TV medium accounts for 8-27% of total number of mentions of a car brand, while radio takes 3-18%.

Dacia had 27% of total mentions in the TV channel – 27%, while Ferrari had 18% on radio.

Mediafax analyzed 46,000 mentions of 44 car brands during January 1 – December 31, 2009. 152 national publications have been monitored (dailies, weeklies, bi-monthly, and monthly), 12 TV channels and 8 radio channels.