Bucurestiul a fost gazda conferintei cu titlul 'Europa, incotro?', eveniment organizat la BNR cu prilejul aniversarii a 20 de ani de la infiintarea Asociatiei Romane pentru Clubul de la Roma (ARCoR).

Wall-Street.ro a scris despre acest eveniment in cadrul articolului despre seful Grupului Bilderberg (foto dreapta), vicontele Etienne Davignon, insa cel care a organizat evenimentul a fost Liviu Tudor (foto stanga), unul dintre cei mai puternici oameni de afaceri din imobiliare si secretar general al Asociatiei Romane pentru Clubul de la Roma.

Pentru cei interesati de analiza discursului, redam mai jos expunerea lui Liviu Tudor de la BNR ascultata de cei doi fosti presedinti ai Romaniei post-comuniste, Ion Iliescu si Emil Constantinescu, oficialii bancii centrale, cei mai importanti bancheri din Romania, ministri ai Guvernului Victor Ponta si manageri ai marilor companii din Romania.

Discursul lul Liviu Tudor

"An anniversary is the celebration of partnerships, trust, tolerance and tenacity. Today we celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the Romanian Association for the Club of Rome. We celebrate the exchange of ideas, debate and solutions that is the Club of Rome.

[I would like to first salute our guests of honor.

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His Excellency Viscount Davignon, who is the President of the Bilderberg Group and former Vice President of the European Commission.

Throughout the years, his amazing career includes positions such as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Belgian Government and Head of the International Energy Agency.
He is a doctor of law and a crucial member of the Strategic Advisory Panel of the European Business Awards.

Professor Ugo Bardi is here with us today, to bring a message from the Club of Rome.

A prestigious Professor in Physical Chemistry at the University of Florence, Ugo Bardi is the author of "The Limits to Growth Revisited". His work includes the research of materials for new energy resources. He is also the President of ASPO Italy – the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas.

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We are honored to have you all with us today.]

It is said that once an idea has taken hold of the brain it is almost impossible to eradicate. Over 40 years ago the Club of Rome planted an idea… …The limits to growth.

As President Isarescu said in his speech last year, “not ALL the Club’s predictions were confirmed, but they planted an idea that helped develop a debate and also a change in human behavior”.

Over the last 20 years several members of ARCoR have contributed with their ideas and actions. I begin my first event as General Secretary by celebrating and saying thank you…Doctor Mircea Malita– founder of ARCoR, Mugur Isarescu – President, Calin Georgescu– ex-General Secretary, Mugur Tolici – executive Director and esteemed members of the Council.

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Twenty years ago, the founder of ARCoR was an exceptional scholar, Doctor Mircea Malița. His credentials are well known and admired. In 2009, in the middle of
the economic crises, he said: “The crisis is a symptom of the turbulence inside the human mind, invaded by two capital sins, greed and vanity. When one places ego above everything else, it creates a crisis. Crisis is not a fatality… It is a system failure passed along as a society prejudice and learned in the business schools.”

He later concludes…“Crisis, with all its disasters, is a chance for tomorrow’s society.” I believe in this chance. I believe in tomorrow’s society. I believe in the generations to come.

Paraphrasing The limits to growth, Doctor Mircea Malița wrote No limits to learning.
I own the largest privately held student campus in Romania. I see No limits to Learning
in front of my eyes every day. Judging by what I see, wonderful things have a very strong chance of happening in the next 20 years. I see committed students with a hunger for learning, determined to make a strong contribution. There are no limits to what learning and education can do. I believe in it, I have faith in it and I’m investing in it. For we are not preparing the path for our children, we are preparing our children for the path.

Let’s build the next 20 years together. Let’s celebrate the exchange of ideas that is the Club of Rome and let me share with you a project I am involved in.

This initiative is about restoring and cherishing two important monuments
that form part of our history. Over the years, I have invested in restoring several properties, which are classified as historical monuments.
In Sighisoara, we are refurbishing a monument built in the 12th century. This monument is on the UNESCO list of world patrimony. In Sighisoara, the Macelarilor Tower is one of the two towers that were taken under custody by the Mihai Eminescu Trust. The second refurbishment involves two historical houses in Maramures.

I invite you to work together with the foundation responsible for both these important projects whose Patron is Prince Charles. His continuing commitment to such projects reminds us that our history is precious.

Caroline Fernolend, Director of the foundation, is here with us today. Metaphorically, she is an archeologist of the future, helping us to create a stronger Romania by respecting and valuing our amazing past.

We are also here today to talk about the future. About the next 20 years. I believe that beauty can be created, nature can be nurtured, education can be taught. We need these pillars to create and to restore. We need these pillars to regain our soul as a nation, to become a strong part of the European Union.

I like to think about Romania as being a gem stone yet to be discovered. From time to time we receive word from other nations that we too have a contribution, to art, to science, to research. Romania is rising as a soft power. We are currently ranked number 15 in the world. There is talent in this country! There is spirit in this country!

Let’s support initiatives that help build a better Romania and contribute to a stronger Europe. Let’s build together the next 20 years. Let’s be inspired to apply the latest outcomes of the Club of Rome in order to reach our full potential. Let’s plant ideas.

Because once an idea has taken hold of the brain, it is almost impossible to eradicate!"

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