Global market leaders manage to combine the change of their business strategies four times more efficiently than companies with poor financial results. Over 60% of financially solid companies embrace the change, versus only 16% in case of other companies.

Furthermore, only 43% of the respondents are confident in the success of organizational change process. One in three employees said managers are not capable of efficiently managing the organizational change process. Respondents say managers poorly communicate their policy and main lines of approach (47%), don’t take into account the repercussions of a new approach to market (54%) and don’t implement the measures previously communicated to employees (52%).

In case of market leaders, almost 50% of employees said they were satisfied with the organizational culture, compensation policy, promotion and development opportunities. In case of average-performing companies, only 23% of the employees say they were motivated compared to only 5% in case of less –performing companies.

Right Management surveyed 28,810 employees across 10 industries in 15 countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States).