Leu swings near 3.92 lei/euro in early trading

National currency swung around 3.92 lei/euro line in early Bucharest trading, slightly down from its yesterday’s levels, on a calm market, marked by a generalized appreciation trend of emerging currencies in the region.

“The market is calm, and there are no major moves for now. The leu seems to be stabilized around 3.92 units/euro. We have seen a slight increase due to the arrival of Romanian workers from abroad, starting Friday, from 3.96 to 3.91lei/euro. However, in this period the national currency had a sharper appreciation trend in the prior years”, said Ioan Birle, senior dealer at Banca Transilvania, NewsIn informs.

The leu was quoted at 3.91units/euro in early deals, at narrow advance from yesterday night, and after a slight depreciation to 3.9250 lei/euro, it stabilized near to 3.92 lei/euro. At 10:35, banks were buying euro at 3.9180 lei and selling it at 3.9300 lei.

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