CNH Petrosani lays off 1000

National Company of Pitcoal (CNH) Petrosani said it would layoff some 1,100 workers by the end of 2010, pursuant to EC State Aid Notification made public in April 2007, said Sorin Gaman, director at the Ministry of Economy.
“For the moment, the ministry is negotiating with the trade unions. However, the layoff will be gradual, by the end of 2010. 9,600 workers will keep their jobs at CNH Petrosani. These measures have been set out in the State Aid Notification of the European Commission made public in April 2007”, said Sorin Gaman.

The headcount of CNH Petrosani currently stands at 10,700.

CNH is under Ministry of Economy’s authority. CNH operates in the field of exploration, development and processing coal, clay, slurry, ballast and sand in the perimeters for which the company is authorized.

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