Government of the designated PM is underway

Government of the designated PM is underwayThe first interim government is led by the Prime Minister still in office, Emil Boc who failed to hold the traditional Sunday media briefing last week, the second government is under the designated PM Lucian Croitoru leadership, and the third government of the opposition which will be formed these days, after the mayor of Sibiu Klaus Johannis had a meeting yesterday with the parliamentary majority that endorses him.

Lucian Croitoru announced yesterday a round of preliminary talks with the members of the parties that hold seats in the Parliament for the formation of the new government, due to be held today and tomorrow.

“These talks will be held on Monday and Tuesday”, said Croitoru.

Talks with PSD+PC are scheduled for 11:00, with PDL for 14:00, with PNL for 16:00 and with the national minorities in the parliament, Varujan Pambuccian for 18:00. Tomorrow, Lucian Croitoru will hold talks with UDMR starting 14:00.

The opposition vetoes the new government

The opposition vetoes the new governmentAs far as the future ministers are concerned, Croitoru said he would compile the list of the candidates depending on the parties’ proposals. “I don’t want to nominate anybody now. I can’t do this in default of prior consultations with the leaders of the parties”.

The designated prime minister said he had a back-up solution which he refused to disclose, should the leaders of the party break off talks.

The president of the National Liberal Party, Crin Antonescu has reaffirmed his stiff opposition to the government under Lucian Croitoru.

The leader of Social Democratic Party, Mircea Geoana set out the reasons why he refused to say whether Klaus Johannis would be the prime minister he would propose if he won the presidential elections. Furthermore, Geoana criticized PNL leader for using Johannis.

“Who can say for sure after the presidential elections what will be the next majority? Who can guarantee us that someone better wouldn’t come out? Mr Johannis is a good solution, a correct chance, but stating “I will name Johannis and that is my final decision” like Antonescu did - is exactly why we criticized Basescu. He can not say he would appoint whoever he wishes for PM, with no regard to the Constitution”, said Mircea Geoana.

“Any delay can bring upon higher costs”

“Any delay can bring upon enormous costs”, said Croitoru when asked whether an interruption of the stand-by arrangement with International Monetary Fund would lead to a financial instability.

Croitoru told The Money Channel that the termination of the agreement with IMF would put Romania at risk of borrowing at higher costs and very short maturity.

IMF said in a press statement remitted after the collapse of the Boc government that a mission to initiate discussions with authorities on the second review of the SBA would visit Romania as soon as a new cabinet had been formed.