will include information in media&advertising field, a segment swallowed by well-polarized press groups.

Launched earlier this month, is structured on three segments – databases (TV ratings, advertising expenses, advertisers), news reports, analysis, reviews, daily events in TV world, and also materials written by Petrisor Obae while working for EVZ (interviews and analysis).

“I wanted to launch this project because television, radio, press and advertising are fascinating us. Because before reading the papers in the morning, at the office, we open the computer first. Because now, with well-polarized press groups is getting harder to cover the field in a traditional climate, because of the interests”, Petrisor Obae (photo) stated.

Form editorial standpoint, is 100% personal project, George Hari Popescu being in charged with the technical features.

The website’s target audience is made of “everything that communication industry includes” – managers of press institutions, editors-in-chief, journalists, copywriters, media agencies, students in universities of journalism and communication.

“Apart from the target audience, I intend on drawing interest of readers from several fields”, Obae added. will upload daily updated information, for the readers to have a “Review of media press”.
Petrisor Obae explained that at this moment, project promotion is carried out through RSS subscription. Moreover, it was conducted a mailing campaign, as the website’s objective is to form a “conditioned media reflex”.

In the launching day, the website registered 2,300 single visitors and 1,300 in the following day. However,the founder is reserved in setting clear, achievable traffic ranking objectives on certain intervals.