While counting down the days till Easter mini break, you should probably pull up a chair, sit back and start your quest for bargain holiday deals taking advantage of the summery weather. Before you start packing your suitcase, you should have a look at the top holiday destinations in Romania and abroad for the spring break and since financial crisis is today’s hot topic, being informed on how this financial storm has taken its toll on travel agencies, it’s definitely a must.
Top international travel destinations

Cristian Francu, CEO of Klever Travel agency says Romanians usually choose to make a break for hot temperatures on Easter and May1, to visit famous European capitals or to escape from the mundane stress and relax at a luxury resort at lower prices than in peak seasons. There are also Romanian travelers who wish to spend their Easter vacation in religious locations.

This year, the favorite destination of Romanian travelers for Easter holiday at Klever Travel was Egypt.

“When you think about Egypt, exotic places, pyramids, pharaohs, treasures of Tutankhamon, the mysteries of an ancient civilization are the first things that come to your mind. However, to travelers, Egypt means Hurghada or Sharm El Sheik, luxurious hotels and resorts, where the sun just never seems to go down”, said Cristian Francu.

Sorin Vaduvoiu with Perfect Tour says that the majority of vacation packages were booked for Bulgaria.

“The number of tourists who chose to spend the spring break in Bulgaria exceeded 600 mark”, Sorin Vaduvoiu added.

Israel is apparently one of the classic Easter holiday destinations, where tourists have the opportunity to admire the religious features and at the same time to enjoy the heat in the cold spells of Mediterranean.

Another destination on top of Romanian travelers’ list of “must-see” is Greece. Greece celebrates the orthodox Easter and offers to travelers the opportunity to explore the large number of islands surrounding it in Aegean sea.

Top travel destinations in Romania

Easter holiday is a great opportunity to rediscover the wonders of Romanian realms.

“Top destinations in Romania are Prahova Valley and Northern Moldova, followed by the Black Sea. Over 1,000 travelers chose to spend this year spring break in Romania at Perfect Tour”, said Sorin Vaduvoiu.

Nothing would ever compare to an Easter in Maramures or Bucovina, Cristian Francu commented. The Black Sea remains however an attractive destination for those seeking locations already visited, while the direct competitor, Bulgaria has a better price/quality ratio. And it’s only 80-100 km away.

Travel agencies take measures to fight crisis

In order to mitigate the effects of the financial crisis, travel agencies have implemented a set of measures. If at early bookings offers, the discounts are not direct consequences of the economic crisis, but effective measures to promote sales in a maturing market, other solutions have been prompted.

“We chose to promote the destinations and hotels who grasped the need of a tariff lineup to current market conditions, and of new offers and attractive packages at best prices, and keeping the quality standards”, said Sorin Vaduvoiu.

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