Bechtel expects a reduction of orders this year

Civil engineering and construction Bechtel expects the volume of new orders to shrink this year and a revenues to stagnate, as mining and energy companies cut expenses in the wake of financial crisis.

The private US company, that has projects ranging from nuclear reactors and oil refineries to government services and transports, posted a 16% increase in revenues in 2008, up to 31.4 bln dollars and booked new orders worth 35 bln dollars, from 34.1 bln dollars a year earlier.

The chief financial officer of the company, Peter Dawson said in an interview that this year’s revenues will stagnate, as the company has nearly 85bln-worth works in progress since late 2008, versus 75 bln dollars a year earlier.

Bechtel is an international company active in civil engineering, construction and project management, with private capital and headquartered in San Francisco. The company holds 40 subsidiaries and workforce of 40,000.

In Romania, Bechtel has under construction Transilvania highway, the largest infrastructure project in Europe. Measuring 415-kilometer, the four-lane highway will connect Brasov in central Romania with Oradea on the country’s northwestern border with Hungary, linking five major cities.

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