BNR intended to ease the lending regulations this summer as the indebtedness degree was slightly higher and there was no information on the state's guarantees, explained Ghetea.

The new set of rules concerning the population's lending was enforced at the beginning of October last year. It stipulates that banks should require the fiscal records and calculate the indebtedness degree on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the level of incomes.

Lending tightened in Romania owing to the central bank's regulation aimed at limiting risks which hit banks at the same time the economic downturn started to dry out their liquidities.

Moreover, the government approved on May 20 the program “Prima Casa” (“First House”), by which the state will guarantee 80 percent of the value of a loan for people who want to buy a house. The National Loan Guaranteeing Fund for small to medium-sized companies will thus extend its activity, warranting the banks' mortgages.