Jan-May figures indicate a decrease in the resident population of 24.988, on negative natural population growth, after a 6,400 decline in January, 4,100 in February, 6,300 in March and 4,841 in April. In May, the negative natural population growth was of 3,188 people.

In May, 20,457 deaths were registered, 1.191 fewer than in April, and 399 fewer than prior-year period. In the same period, 17,110 births were registered, 303 more than in April but 558 fewer than April 2008.

The child mortality remains above EU average, as 175 children below 1 year of age died in May, which corresponds to a rate of 10.2/1,000 live births, down 69 from a year earlier. In April, 184 deaths of infants aged below one year were registered.