Leu steady against Euro

The benchmark exchange rate posted today by the National Bank of Romania slipped 0.07 percent to 4.2325 lei per euro, after the leu strengthened slightly in the early trades, but then went back to the 4.23 threshold.
NBR announced a benchmark exchange rate of 4.2356 lei per euro yesterday.

The leu climbed on opening to a minimum exchange rate of 4.2255 versus the euro then went back to close to 4.23. At 1:30 p.m. the euro was traded for 4.2302 - 4.2377 lei.

In the region, the Polish zloty strengthened on debut from over 4.25 to 4.24 against the euro and then floated above this level. The Hungarian forint waved close to 271 units per euro.

The benchmark exchange rate lowered 0.30 percent to 2.9752 lei per American dollar.

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