CEO of RBS Romania appointed to head operations in Greece

Peter M. Weiss stepped down as CEO of RBS Romania after completing his four-year term and will be replaced by Johan Gabriels who will take on the new role as of October 2009, after being approved by the National Bank of Romania. In the near future, Peter Weiss will head the RBS operations in Greece as CEO.
Peter M. Weiss joined RBS Romania in 2005. Throughout his term, he headed the business relation with institutional, corporate and individual clients.

Johan Gabriels has a 20-year experience. Prior to joining RBS he held various financial management positions, both in the banking industry and FMCG.

The future CEO RBS Romania has been working in a number of countries and organizations, such as Andersen, Mars (Netherlands, Russia, France), PepsiCo (France, Italy, Spain), CapitalOne (United States, Great Britain).

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