BSE stocks finished up 1%

BET index at the Bucharest Stock Exchange increased by 1.15%, led by the sharp growth of TLV shares that touched a new year-high as FIC stocks (BSE:SIF) jumped 0.94%.

On Tuesday, the Bucharest Stock Exchange traded around 34 million lei (€7.94million), twice the size of yesterday’s volume of 13.48 million lei (€3.15million).

BET index that gauges the performance of the ten most liquid stocks at the BSE finished up 1.15% to 4,969.99 points, while the composite BET-C closed 1.29% higher to 2,870.91 points.

BET-FI index of the five financial investment companies (BSE:SIF) gained 0.94% to 23,959.61 points, while Vienna Stock Exchange’s ROTX closed up 0.69% to 10,338.19 points.

BET-XT index that measures the performance of the 25 most liquid shares moved 1.21% higher to 481.66, and BET-NG of the energy companies listed at BSE increased 0.92% to 628.26 points.

European stock markets retreated today at BSE’s closing hour after third-quarter GDP revision. FTSE index of leading 100 shares was up 0.18% to 5,365.15 points while Germany’s DAX fell 0.04% to 5,799.10. Paris’ CAC40 was retreating 0.20% to 3,805.66 points.

FIC Oltenia (BSE:SIF5) has led the most traded stock chart today, with shares worth 8.78million lei changing hands, pushing prices up 1.6% to 1.27 lei, followed by FIC Moldova (BSE:FIC2) with a liquidity of 5.36 million lei, but prices remained steady at 1.12lei.

In financial sector, Banca Transilvania (BSE:TLV) climbed 2.33% to 2.20lei, after shares worth 2.49 million lei changed hands. BRD SocGen stocks gained 0.71% to 14.20 lei after in a liquidity of 1.61 million lei. Erste Bank stocks (BSE: EBS) remained steady at 125.50lei, in a liquidity of 2.35million lei.

Transactions with Petrom (BSE:SNP) totaled 2.15 million lei, while stock prices remained at 0.263lei. Dafora Medias (BSE:DAFR) closed up 0.97% to 0.104lei as transactions totaled 621,900lei.

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