A president in place would have a positive impact on the local currency and would most likely lead to a reduction in interests, ING said in a report.

“In our view, the International Monetary Fund will disburse the third tranche under the aid deal with Romania, after loan talks will have been restarted in January, should a government is sworn in by the end of the year”, ING said.

Caretaker finance minister Gheorghe Pogea said Romania might still receive the third tranche from IMF in January, but only if the 2010 budget was submitted to the Parliament by the new government.

“I think yes, yes”, said Pogea when asked whether Romania could receive the third tranche from IMF in January 2010.

The minister of finance met with the IMF representatives on Monday to tackle the 2010 budget plan.

Romania has received so far two tranches under the multilateral package from the IMF, European Union, WB and EBRD totaling €6.9 billion. The third tranche of €1.5 billion was planned for December, and the fourth of €820 million for March next year.