FDI in Romania melted 55.7% in Jan-Nov 2009

Foreign Direct Investments in Romania fell 55.7% year-on-year in the eleven months through November 2009, to €3.8 billion, the CA deficit coverage degree dropping 12.4% in a month, official figures from the National Bank of Romania show.

The Jan – Nov 2009 current account gap has been 81.7% filled from non-residents’ direct investments which totaled €3.826 billion compared to €8.642 billion in the same period of last year.

In October, the current account deficit was 94.1% covered by foreign direct investments.

In January-November 2009, the balance-of-payments current account posted a deficit of EUR 4,681 million, 69.4 percent lower than in the same period of 2008, due largely to the narrower trade deficit.

In Jan-Nov period, intra-group loans accounted for 46.3% of FDI inflow and totaled €1.773 billion, while equity stakes, including the reinvested profit, accounted for 53.7%, namely €2.053 billion.

In the same period of 2008, intra-group loans amounted to €3.982 billion, while equity stakes totaled €4.66 billion.

The loans between the foreign investors and the resident companies have the potential to deepen current account deficit, as they are returned on due dates.

In Jan-Oct 2009 period, foreign direct investments stood at €3.72 billion, 51.5% below the level recorded in the same period of 2008.

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