“Pension funds in Romania will profit from the financial crisis and will frame a long-time strategy for the next 20-25 years. I don’t think that stock prices will go down even more than the current level, therefore the financial crisis is bringing forth opportunities for investors, “ CEO of Aviva Europe said at a media briefing.

According to Aviva Europe’s executive officer , the “buffer net” of the private pension market in Romania in front of the financial crisis consists in the fact that the system is merely at its infancy, and its size it’s large enough to cope with the international turmoil’s impact.

Moneta, aged 31, was appointed CEO of Aviva Europe. With a broad experience in the banking system, the Italian manager has previously headed operations of Dubai Financial Group and was part of UniCredit’s board.

He stresses how dangerous it is to believe that we are witnessing the fallout of capitalism. “International markets are not to their bottom limit, and the regulators of these financial system are the one responsible, “ said Andrea Moneta, adding that this crisis will create a widespread financial system, that urges from the need of supervision.

He insisted on the fact that Aviva’s investment and development strategy will not be dented by the crisis, targeting profit and a Top 5 position in the life insurance and private pension market.