“Our objectives regarding Seliron is to consolidate the company’s market share, growth of turnover, and the profitability of this company which is already a market leader”, said Marius Ghenea.

Seliron is the biggest sealant manufacturer for metallic coatings in Romania, founded in 1998 by businessman Radu Mircescu. The company has a market share of over 50% and forecasts a doubling of overall earnings from a year ago, namely exceeding one million euros in turnover, with a net profit rate of 30%.

“As for Mirmetal, the company has less experience in the market but with major growth potential, relying on the wide array of products and services it offers. We will pursue our investment plans in this direction, especially now, as we posses significant cash amount from the recent exit of VikingProfil, amount that can and will be reinvested”, said Radu Mircescu.