The highest increase in total manufacturing working on orders was registered by Latvia with an annual advance of 48.1%.

In August, Romania had registered an annual increase of new industrial orders of 17.1%.

Compared to 2007, the industrial orders volume shrunk in Spain (by 9.1%), in Sweden (by 9%) and in France (by 4.9%).

Eurostat made public data from 19 Member States for September, the industrial new orders registering increases compared to a year ago in nine of the states.

In EU, industrial new orders fell by 0.9% in September 2008 from one year ago and by 1.1% in euro area.

The highest annual falls were registered in orders for transport equipment – 13.9% in EU, respectively 14.8% in euro area – and for new textiles and textile products, the new orders dropped by 3.6% in EU and by 3.5% in the euro area.

In September 2008, compared with September 2007, new orders for chemicals and chemical products grew by 9.2% in the euros area and by 9% in the European Union. Manufacturing of basic metals and fabricated metal products increased by 4.4% and 3.3% respectively.