Interagro cuts 5,500 jobs

Interagro will cut approximately 90% of its workforce as of January 1, namely 5,500 workers, many of them working in the chemical industry until recently, said the owner of the group, Ioan Niculae.

“As of January 1, over 4,500 workers will be laid off, due to our decision to close six companies active in the chemical industry, adding to 500 jobless in agriculture and another 500 in different sector where the company is actively involved. All workers are in temporary layoff at this point”, said the representative of Interagro.

According to him, the financial losses that lead to company shutdown amount to 100 million US dollars. “We have invested large amounts in retooling and upgrading technology in order to meet the standards of many factories and plants. The losses will exceed 100 million dollars after the company shutdown, said the businessman, quoted by NewsIn.

However, Niculae said there is a “slight chance” to reconsider the decision of closing down certain companies of the group.

“If the government will issue a financial back-up plan, there is the possibility of bringing the companies to a floating level, when it will still be time to find viable solutions, said the owner of Interagro.
Ioan Niculae said recently that Romania would likely face the greatest crisis in the food industry after 1990, starting August 2009, if the legislators would not make fiscal measures for agriculture sector and if subventions would not be granted on time.

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