BMW Group Romania is the producer of BMW and Mini brands and began activity in mid 2007 under the management of Carl-Theo Fizau, handling both import and aftersales activities for BMW and Mini brands.

Under his leadership, BMW ranked first in top premium car brands in 2007, while Mini consolidated its leading premium brand position, with the biggest climb (275% in 2008 from 2006).

Once Carl-Theo Fitzau had stepped down, Dr Bernd John took over the management duties as of January 1, 2009.

John has achieved 18-year experience in BMW Group in top management positions. The latter position involved the administration of the four BMW centers in Germany. The centers recorded in 2008 over 9,000 units delivered, and a 5% growth from prior year.

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“The new position is a new challenge for me, also given the global economic environment. However, we remain confident in the Romanian premium market which is becoming one of the biggest markets in Eastern Europe to BMW”, said Bernd John.

One of the objectives of the new manager is the development of the dealer network.

BMW Group will deliver the new BMW Z4 roadster in first quarter 2009, together with the new range of Mini Cabrio following to ship the new X6 ActiveHybrid in second half next year.

The company delivered 267 Mini cars and 2,246 BMW . BMW Group launched the new Series1 Coupe and Cabrio, X6, Series 3, and Series 7, M3 cabrio in the Romanian market last year.