“The number of jobless projected by IMF is at 800,000 and unemployment rate at 8% in Romania, following the severe economic contraction expected this year. Nevertheless, I expect the number of unemployed to remain below 600,000 mark this year”, said Bian.

The president of ANOFM said the number of workers expected to be laid off in the coming months is around 45,000.

According to ANOFM, massive layoffs are announced in Bucharest – 5,372, Prahova – 3,995, Hunedoara – 2,724, Timis – 2,457, Arges – 2,075, Arad – 1,983 and Brasov – 1,094.

The minister of labor, Marian Sarbu said last week the unemployment projection for 2009 of 525,000 could be passed by 200,000 – 300,000 and that the budget of the ministry would be supplemented with 500 mln lei designed to cover all the unemployment benefits claims and to finance other professional trainings.

“We will face a high number of jobless by yearend, and we want to make sure we have the required resources to pay the unemployment benefits and professional trainings to be imposed this year”, as well as the costs incurred by three-year extension of unemployment period established in the new Emergency Ordinance, said the minister.